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Tour made in Herrera

Discover how the most traditional products of the Province of Herrera are made.


  • Price/adult: $80
  • Duration: All day
  • Transport/adult: $20 (additional)

A guided tour through the town of La Arena where you will understand why it is so famous for its pottery and the difficult art of pottery. Discover how the “Guarapo” is made, a sugar mill and from which a refreshing juice of sugarcane is obtained and how cane honey is cooked.

Learn how to make the famous “Pan de la Arena”, considered the best bread of the Republic, Panamanian, not only for its smell, taste or color, but because it is prepared 100% by hand. It is a privilege to be able to appreciate how the hands are synchronized so perfectly to braid donuts so similar to each other that only machines and molds can make them and knows the workshop where the typical Panamanian sandals are made, the famous “Cutarras”.

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