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Tour the best of Azuero

Discover the cultural heart of Panama. A tour of the traditional culture where you can live and share with the local population their most ancient traditions.


  • Price/adult: $160
  • Duration: All day
  • Transport/adult: $20 (additional)

This tour is designed for travelers who want to get in touch with the local population and travel in an unusual way. You will have the opportunity to discover the most traditional products of the Province of Herrera and learn about the ancestral techniques of local crafts, folklore, culinary activities and many others.

The trip begins in the morning, where you will understand why the town of La Arena is so famous for its pottery and the difficult art of pottery. Meet the workshop where the typical Panamanian sandals are made, the famous “cutarras”.

Discover how the “Guarapo” is produced, a refreshing sugarcane juice, how cane honey is cooked and learn how to make the famous “Pan de la Arena”, considered the best bread in the Panamanian republic, not only for its smell, taste or color, but because it is prepared 100% by hand. It is a privilege to appreciate how those hands are synchronized so perfectly to braid donuts so similar to each other that only machines and molds could make them.

At noon, you will try a typical Panamanian lunch at a local inn.

The tour will continue to observe in detail the making of the skirt, one of the most beautiful typical costumes in the world, visiting artisans who have dedicated their whole lives to the making of the dress. You will also visit workshops of local artisans dedicated to Panamanian folklore where they make the masks of diablicos that are used for the dances of the Dirty Devils and the Great Devil and how they elaborate the wooden drums that can not be missing in the typical Panamanian music.

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