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Tour Hacienda San Isidro

Discover about the production process of Varela Hermanos and products that are produced in the Hacienda, as well as  the history of the family and the business.

  • MIXOLOGY TOUR – $ 74.90
  • Price/children: 25$ (free for children under 12)
  • Transport optional – 35$

You will learn about the past, present and future of the most awarded Panamanian spirit in the world.

Relive history and see how Varela Hermanos evolved from being a small sugar mill to becoming the leading liquor manufacturer in the market.

Today, almost a century later, Varela Hermanos continues to produce its distinguished products with the same passion and tradition that have made possible the creation of brands such as Ron Abuelo and Seco Herrerano, which have an annual production of more than one million boxes, and presence in more than 35 countries, with great growth in the market of the United States and Europe.

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