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On the Pacific coast of Panama, Pedasí is the ultimate destination for nature lovers.

Pedasi, located at the tip of the Azuero Peninsula, province of Los Santos, offers a rural lifestyle in optimal conditions. Surrounded by green pastures and only 10 minutes away from extensive pristine beaches, Pedasí also turns out to be a practical base camp for trips to animal and forest wildlife refuges


Naturally you can relax under the Pacific sun, but be warned that there are many options to enjoy this privileged environment.

Have you tried surfing? Here you will find the best waves. Do you prefer to fish? Welcome to the tuna coast. Or maybe he is in love with nature? We have an abundance. There is a wide range of activities aimed at people with an active lifestyle, as well as those who prefer to enjoy the wonders of nature in a much more relaxed way.


Choose from several comfortable and stylish rooms to feel like you never want to go.

An apartment complex that will make you feel at home, has good finishes and wood furniture 100% worked by people residing in the district of Pedasí, Province of Los Santos.

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